Gentleman, Jalops and everyone member of "Oppo" nation in general:

I'll cut right to the chase: I'm writting here to tell you about a Kickstarter campaign. And not any Kickstarter campaign, one endorsed by Sir STIRLING MOSS, no less. I must say, though, that I'm in no way affiliated to the man behind the campaign and I don't get any profit from telling others about it besides the pleasure of supporting a fellow gearhead with a heart-touching project. By this moment you have either branded this post as advertisement garbage or are asking yourself "What's the project? Spit it out!". Well, the project is called "The Little Red Racing Car" and it's a children's book which plot revolves around a man, his dear son, and a Maserati 300S they find in a barn. Together, father and son restore the once glorious racecar to it's former glory learning a thing or two in the way about carburetors and love.

The book is so awesome it's even been, as I said, granted approval of Sir Stirling Moss in a personal letter written by him to the book's author, Dwight Knowlton. Dwight says the story is already done and he's beggining the illustration process. So far, the images he has released are, put simply, awesome. They look retro, they look child-friendly, and they look like quality made pieces of art. And that's because Dwight is trying to make everything as high-quality as possible and as "Made in the U.S.A" as possible. Not only the books will be "Made in the U.S.A", the rewards from the Kickstarter campaign will as well. Depending on the amount of your contribution you can get a unique PDF poster download ($3), a signed copy of the book ($28), all the way to a bunch of goodies including a bronze statue, some shirts, a couple of Gliclee prints, and a butt-load of copies of the book donated to Phoenix's children Hospital in yout name ($10,000).

This is not only a great way to introduce your kids into the ways of what's holy, what's oppo, and what's hoon. And, being honest, we're all still kids inside so I'm sure most of us will enjoy the book even if we have kept our DNA to ourselves.

The thing about Kickstarter is that a project gets either fully funded or not funded at all. The campaign ahs been held for 26 days and has only two days left. Sadly, the project still needs a hefty amount of funding despite being featured on a ton of websites like Road & Track, Sports  Car Digest, and Motor Trend. The Little Red Racing Car really needs a push from the Jalopnik nation, dear Jalops, because it represents what being a Jalop is about!!!

Here are the links for the Kickstarter campaign and the projects page on Facebook. Come on, I know the mere image of a Maserati 300S sitting on a barn waiting for a restauration is enough to catch your imagination...